Things To Do Together

Things to do with your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, loved ones.
Just things you don't want to do alone, because It's always better with someone else.

Top 10 Things to do!
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I just want to say, you're blog is so inspiring! I love it!
thingstodotogether thingstodotogether Said:

Oh thanks! It’s aim was to inspire couples :) And I’m really sorry I don’t post more on here.

When are you planning on making that book for couples about things to do together?
thingstodotogether thingstodotogether Said:

I’ll do it over christmas, hopefully to be out before valentines day! :)


Latest book has been published! Different site this time so cheaper! Colour version is available for under £10!  » CLICK HERE for colour version! «

Or the cheaper black and white version is Just over £5 » CLICK HERE for black and white! «

This version is all about the things you need to do before you graduate and leave university. There’s so many experiences to be had! From the ones you are guaranteed to experience anyway or the ones you should definitely try out. Besides uni can actually be pretty boring just sat around with not much to do so this is perfect for ideas to keep you busy.

P.S. The previous before you die book will also soon be available at cheaper prices with a cover redesign.

Asker sexy-pancake Asks:
Ahh, your blog is so cute. It'll now be a bucketlist for my boyfriend and I. <3
thingstodotogether thingstodotogether Said:

Awh yay thanks, that is the aim of this blog, a couples bucketlist :)

This book is available in 3 different prints HERE from only £4.99! (Digest/cheapest, Black and White, Colour). Obviously better in colour but if you’re on a budget the others are just as good. :)

It consists of 99 pages of things to do with areas to fill in and write about your experiences, there are then also a number of blank pages to make up your own things to do before you die!

I am currently working on 2 more editions! A student edition with things to do at university and a couples edition based on this site,

These books make brilliant gifts, for birthdays, graduations, starting university, Christmas and Valentines day! And everyone who has bought or received one so far has loved them!